With the HPA becoming a thing, the last thing everyone needs is yet another self important blogger who thinks they are all that telling you why it will be the best thing ever or why it will be the death of shooting because all they do is take their remchesterby durr rifle out once a year to bag a whitetail and who needs a suppressor for that. Be a man and take the hearing loss or something, because tinnitus is just that fun.

This is the part I don’t get: people who would be positively affected by a pro gun rights thing pushing back against it. Trying to keep the perception of a hobby as only hunters for sport and sustenance. Trying to keep everyone else out of their secret club and to stop anyone else coming in who might be interested. It’s as if they don’t even let themselves enjoy their interests in fear of some mythical person coming through their door and demanding their bolt gun because those are now banned. It’s this idea that people opposed to arms don’t want to disarm them too and that they can be appeased.

Now, enough digression: I did want to cover a nice bit of the HPA, and that would be airgun suppression. See, airgun suppressors are legal because they are not rifle ones. Except they might not be if it could be removed and put on a rifle. But does removed mean unscrewed, or cut off the welded suppressor and drill it out? It’s not allowed to suppress a rifle: does that mean it can’t suppress the shots plural, or does that mean if it explodes on the first round but makes it a tiny bit quieter the law is broken? Is there a maximum durability they have to be before they become firearm suppressors?

It’s odd in a way, firearms laws effectively screwing over anyone with an airgun (which get plenty loud as well) despite it not being covered by arms law. Either it’s unintended consequences, or intended consequences of moral panic.

Also, in other news, seriously, fuck Springfield Armory and RRA for selling out state dealers for a cushy exemption to the law. Just go and stab your customers and the people selling your products in the back, that will work out well. People are still boycotting Ruger for what they did, and Springfield + RRA thought this would go over well with the public?


OSS and Flow-Through

As everyone else seems to be jumping onto the juicy details and videos in the ongoing debate [exaggeration] involving OSS and the company that starts with an ‘S’ but isn’t Silencer Co.

As someone who actually likes the technical side of things, the OSS design intrigues me. Potentially less gasses returning to the shooter, a baffle less design based on radically new ideas, and so on. Even their latest stuff seems to have abandoned aluminum and steel to go for stainless steel and ‘Cobalt’. That seems a little odd, Cobalt is technically the main part of Stellite, but they don’t say Stellite. Silencer Co says they use Stellite, some other places say they use Inconel, and in both cases it’s not unknown which are the most likely alloys used. It’s not really a super top secret which metal is used, the properties and spec sheets are easily found, and cross referencing the requirements of the silencer to the metal information sheet will pretty easily give you a few possible choices. It’s interesting then that OSS doesn’t even slightly narrow it down to a family of stainless alloys or what Cobalt alloy they are using. Did they not get permission to use the Stellite name?

Flow through suppression; now that is a cool concept. Give an expanding gas path that redirects the flow without truly capturing it in the way baffles seem like they would. It’s like the exhaust side of a gas turbine engine, but without moving parts. Surely, with all the firearm innovations that have happened, someone has tried this or a variation of it before, right? Is the OSS that radically new of an idea that came completely out of nowhere?

The short answer is “probably not”. There have been some interesting designs, namely ball and flap suppressor ends that would seal off the silencer while pressure drops while still letting the bullet exit. Then there was the Kitzmann gas tong design that used… well, tongs to seal off the suppressor. Lock the gasses inside it and let them expand in a controlled direction and you’d reduce bolt velocity and gas blowback and various other things, in theory it’s a functional idea. If someone invented valves to make shots quieter, surely someone made what is functionally a helical baffle, right?

Brugger + Thomet and KAC both had helical baffle designs in the 90’s, but as you may note, neither does anymore. The newest B+T VP9 still uses wipes, and those are not exactly new or revolutionary compared to stamped metal baffles. What if we look at something that is not a Welrod in disguise? In that case, we end up at SIONICS, and a little suppressor called the ‘M14SS’ and their later ‘MAW-A1’. Anyone thinking the model numbers of those have something to due with the rifles they were for, you’re spot on. What if I then told you it had helical baffling that was replaceable, was rated for full auto fire and early models had a pressure valve to vent the gas in a specific direction? Well, they did, and they are amazing for their time. If anything, SIONICS seems to have developed the prototype of what OSS refined and made it functional. It’s a shame how unknown they seem, even in car circles at least people know of Turbonique; although the metaphor breaks down in SIONICS seems sane, just revolutionary. MAC-10, 10/22, M14, M16 and many more variants made, and SIONICS is barely known. Perhaps some old collector has a stash, and is waiting a few more years to make a killing on selling them.

And yet, we still use baffles and in a design that remains relatively unchanged. Apart from the occasional monoblock CNC design or oil filter, most of the companies are sticking with baffles. It will be interesting when (if) OSS starts shipping how they truly compare. Maybe this time a helical/flow through design will work. Maybe there is a reason several companies tried and abandoned it. Maybe those companies spent too much money on product development instead of just convincing people their stuff was the greatest ever.

I don’t even want to know how long it has been, really

What is the latest news? CA yet again trying to disarm everyone who lives there, people in Congress staging a sit-in protest because they couldn’t strip away the due process part of tearing rights away from people, and more.

How much are they being paid to have the gall to publicly state they need to get rid of due process?

None of that is a good idea, regardless of which party is in power, they will use the lack of due process to strip whatever rights they want from the people they disagree with. The idea alone should have people on both sides trying to get their representatives who supported removal of due process thrown out of office. Instead, some people are cheering their actions. Thanks, identity politics; you’ve been nothing but a terrible idea.

In actual gun news, it seems OSS has a test done by themselves that shows them beating SureFire, while SureFire says actual military tests show their product being better. Honestly, any company conducting a test of their own product versus others isn’t to be trusted, same as the car company that pulled fuses to disable the AWD in a competing car to showcase how good their AWD system was in comparison. On the other hand, OSS could have the better product. I’ll probably talk more about their stuff at a later date given the uniqueness of their design in comparison to baffles.

Hopefully with this, I’m cured of the depression of the constant assault of living in this state and will be back to snark, criticism, and strange wishlist items.

Let’s come back from the dead

After how long has it been, a year? Two? Three?

It’s been a surprising number of computer issues, net connection troubles, blog post program troubles, moving, house issues, and now another move in the works, I’ve been neglecting the blog substantially.

For those people who started reading this blog before they were born and somehow did not die of old age after setting records for longest lived people, well, the sarcasm, guns, snobbery, humor, comments, wishlists, and all of the rest will be returning.

And things change yet again

ATF has now said that the SB15 brace is not allowed to be shouldered. Instead of the intent when building that defines something, it’s now how you use it that defines it. Next firing a gun too fast will make it a machine gun. It’s strange that they now say pistols can’t be shouldered and are designed to be fired with one hand, considering most pistol techniques now are based on two hands, and if you were motivated you could shoulder a stock Glock although it would be painful.

So now SB15 braces are getting dumped onto the market for cheap. In a way, it makes sense given videos and forum posts were basically all “I can make an SBR without paying the stupid tax” and the ATF isn’t that stupid as to let something that obvious go. More malicious than stupid, so I guess everyone making those videos and posts are lucky their houses aren’t on fire and their pets shot.

Secondly, in other changes, the Hughes Amendment is under fire, and the government has filed their response. Apart from the spelling errors in it, it basically sums up as the absolute worst counterargument ever, it basically sums up as “oh please dismiss this we know we’re in the wrong and will lose this”.

But let’s be honest, even with new machine guns being illegal for civilians didn’t stop Yee and Holder from buying them and selling them to other criminals or giving them to drug cartels, so it’s not like the government will have a hard time arming random gangs in other countries if the Hughes Amendment deservedly gets eliminated. maybe if things go really well the NFA will go away too, given that taxes like poll taxes on the exercise of rights aren’t allowed.

How hard can I shill?

This hard, and I’m not even getting paid for it: For those who have never used it, is a great website. It has realtime tracking of ammo and reloading supplies prices from various retailers with multiple sort options, so if you want to save a bit of money it’s really handy.

Of course, in this case “”’Shill’ means “I like the site and use it, I know it isn’t that well known so I shall tell some people about it to have some sort of post created despite not even getting paid for it.”

Trackingpoint Again

TrackingPoint has now announced that by buying one of their precision Guided Firearms as they are actually calling them (PGFs) or you know, rifles, you will get a free multi-day trip to Vegas and free training from them on it.

I guess when I got the email from them saying they can help make life changing shots, I guess they were right in ways I didn’t expect. Compared to my normal life, going to Vegas would be life changing.

Hat tip er, fedora… Fedorov tip to Tracking Point there for their honesty.

I’ll be here all week.

Four dealers file suit against the CA attorney general

According to CalGuns news, Tracy Rifle & Pistol has filed suit against the CA Attorney general over second amendment res-oh sorry, this one is over restrictions of First Amendment Rights, which I guess is a given considering how California can be.

The suit is due to the fact that it is illegal for gun stores to advertise in a way any passerby can see that they have handguns for sale due to a 1923 law, however there are no restrictions on anyone else using handgun terminology or imagery in a publicly viewable way, just stores are restricted providing they sell them.

They are joined in the case by CalGUns, the Second Amendment Foundation, the California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees, and the stores Sacramento Black Rifle, Ten percent Firearms, and PRK Arms, as well as a few business owners. People also helping on the case include a UCLA law professor specializing in First and Second Amendment cases.

Given how the law basically bans truthful and honest advertisements while simultaneously allowing anyone not advertising to use the same images/text/ad slogans has me thinking they have a really good case, in addition to wondering why the Attorney general is still in office and what sort of thing they have done right, considering how often they seem to be getting suit filed against them.

More details can be found at this link to the CalGuns press release.

Well done. well done.

An interesting thing happened the other day that an anonymous tipper was kind enough to point out to me.

A weapons forum, dedicated to pretty much every weapon and weapon related topic and filled with people from almost every country with internet who like weapons had a thread of pictures of women with guns. Prominent among those images were many of the fairly excellently pro-gun posters and images from Oleg Volk. The thread was ostensibly devoted to one particular brand of guns, and apart from some ribbing and potshots taken at the brand (including a mention of the price being high because they make so few of them) the majority of the replies were photos of people with guns, with the specified guns or fairly complimentary of Oleg Volk’s work.

And then, lo and behold, he found out too and posted it on his facebook page. A board with people complimenting his work and admitting to being great fans of his pro-gun posters and advertisements. Obviously, what is someone to do? Why, the first thing might be to be complimented by it!

But wait, what if it’s a board of a forum that’s popular to hate and someone has never been there and/or doesn’t understand it, or wants to be seen as regular and hip and not someone who visits that board? Well, fans or not, the only apparent proper thing to do is complain about projection. Because people going “I like that picture, who is the model in it?” is projection.

Naturally, the post on facebook got many positive replies as Oleg Volk had reconfirmed himself in their eyes to be one of them and not one of the people from that  forum. Frankly, people had a target it was socially acceptable to dislike and they decided to throw them under the bus, fans of the work or not.

There was one glimmer of intellect among the replies, as someone pointed out that the replies to the images were positive until Oleg Volk turned and called them psychopaths.


People, fans of the works were hurt. Someone they looked up to for their very pro gun messages had decided to simply discard a section of the firearms community.

Socially acceptable targets are bullshit. In every case people find one group who isn’t them and in the minority to hate, and when that group becomes no longer socially acceptable they move onto someone else. First people went and hated people based on skin color. Then sexual orientation when the last became no longer accepted. now it’s based on what sites people visit or what things they own. Now it’s totally okay to make fun of people for watching a tv show, owning a certain hat style, or having some specific interests. This is bullshit from people who want to have someone they can just dump on and blame all of their problems or the problems they read about on but don’t want to choose a target that isn’t acceptable. 50 years ago these people who blame smokers for everything would have been blaming black people for everything. It’s nothing new, you aren’t a better person for hating someone who is now socially acceptable to discriminate against or hate. You’re just as bad as the people you look down upon for their previous actions, but you hide behind social acceptance as they did previously.

In this case, this is a post on PR. Sure, it may be socially acceptable to dump on one group. But don’t dump on your fans or you create a lot of disillusioned people who will spread the message you have no problems throwing people who like your work away as not worth your attention. If you don’t approve of the show they watch or the site they visit but they’re fans and complimenting you, just say “thanks” or some other non committal result. You don’t patronize a group you dislike by accepting their compliment. But discarding them and insulting them? Way to treat your fans.

In this case, I have to change my recommendation of Oleg Volk, same as I did with various stores post Sandy Hook.

If you want good photos of guns or people with guns, I recommend Simon Falvard (NTSPhotography) and Weapon Outfitters.


I find their work more appealing and with no photos that appear overtly pale or monochromatic to the point of being washed out, while still being enjoyable photos.

For those who love the classics however, there is one other that I would love to be able to credit and recommend, but I do not know the photographer.


For those who want to skip to the end, visit Simon Falvard (NTSPhotography) and Weapon Outfitters for your weapons based photography. They haven’t to my knowledge called their fans psychopaths, which is a big plus.

Apparently MDA swats people

According to this article, members of MDA have decided that the best answer to stuff they don’t like is calling the police and lying about what the person is doing, ideally with the end goal of getting that person shot.

So they plan to “solve” the fact they don’t like guns by having people with them shot by other people.

Irony, as well as decency, manners, respect, self respect and a generally likable personality or decent appearance are the least that these people are missing in addition to all brain cells a human should theoretically possess. Also apparently it’s totally okay to lie to the police so they execute someone you don’t politically agree with.

In fairness, MDA itself isn’t officially supporting this but they have not done anything to put down the people willing to violate the laws in attempts to get people they dislike killed or arrested for something that did not happen.

I realize they demand action, but given how extreme they go, they should try something other than having people executed. Perhaps anal since they’re demanding action that much.

Remember MDA, it hurts less than being single.