My favorite gun blog(s)

Because what I want to do can best be describes as ‘as little as possible’ I am being really lazy and just listing off my favorite gun blog(s) and why you should read it/them.

My number one favorite is Forgotton Weapons.

What they do is they always have some sort of new (new post, not new guns) that are almost always interesting. How about a chain gun muzzleloader? Yup, you load several chambers up, unscrew the barrel, cock the hammer (which rotates the chain) and tighten the barrel. Then you can shoot it. Or perhaps you would want to hear about what the worst machine gun is. Hint: the Breda Model 30 is their suggestion for a serious contender. Another hint: they point out that the Chauchat is not actually that bad, and that the reason you think it is is that the U.S. model in .30-06 that was absolutely awful was written about as being the standard Chauchat. Some writer didn’t differentiate, and it has stuck since then. Oops.

Other favorites in no particular order include:

Walls of The City

I have a lot of respect for Linoge and the Walls of The City blog. As far as gun rights blogs go, that has to be one of the most well-written and well-informed blogs out there. Plenty of blogs state all sorts of arguments that pro-rights people have used, while Linoge actually takes crime data from sources like the FBA as well as data on background check run, and actually has calculated out that there is a negative correlation between gun ownership and crime. As gun ownership climbs, crime is decreasing. The posts there are intelligent, and actually researched.

Some posts that I suggest reading from Walls of The City:

The Firearm Blog is another favorite of mine.

Mainly, they are my trusted source for product news and other interesting, albeit far more mainstream posts. Nothing really out of the ordinary, but they are a very good source to hear about what is going on more in product news than hearing about your favorite bloggers recent range trip.

Finally, my final favorite to list (for now) is Every Day No Days Off.

They have every single bit of interesting firearm and firearm related news, from comedy posts (AR-15 vs. AK-47 vs. Mosin-Nagant) to serious posts about training schools and safety in them. Every Day No Days Off also happens to post lots of youtube videos, and as such, is a very good way to find all sorts of interesting youtube based gun bloggers/vloggers who you would like to follow. Without them , I would have probably never known about people like MrColionNoir, or fxhummel1, or Chaos311Clarity.

That ends this post. Hopefully I posted within the obligatory time limit from the previous post to actually keep my audience of one still around.

And as an extra special treat just for you, I know what you google searched to find this website, pervert. You should be ashamed.


One thought on “My favorite gun blog(s)

  1. Well thank you very kindly for including me in this list :). In the interests of facilitating laziness, I would also suggest taking a look at Say Uncle – he is kind of a clearinghouse of firearm-related news and posts on a daily basis.

    I do like the company I am in, though :).

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