New Kriss K10 Released

Because I don’t suffer Fargosis but still wanted to share this, The Firearm Blog has a nice photo gallery of the Kriss K10 gun.

Honestly, is it a submachine gun? An automatic pistol? A short barreled rifle? I recall that the initial version could fire fully automatic, which a civilian version will naturally be castrated of that particular feature. I am not really sure what category of firearm this particular thing falls under except ‘extremely ugly.’

Plenty of improvements (apart from appearance) over the Kriss Vector, and coupled with the ability to fire the 9x19mm (9mm) and the 11.43x23mm (.45 ACP) round provides plenty of flexibility in cartridge choice. Coupled with the weird way the mechanism recoils that serves to pull the gun down and onto the target, I personally think Kriss has come up with a pretty useful subgun.

Due to the lighter weight, running out of ammo means you couldn’t use it as a melee weapon, but really, just shine your tactical light on it and every enemy will either run away in horror, or surrender to you if you will stop showing that to them.

You could take hostages with an unloaded one, just threaten to show them the gun. The appearance alone will have people running for the porcelain throne.

If it wasn’t castrated for the regular person, I’d imagine most people would be able to get over the looks (mainly by buying blindfolds or just letting their eyes melt by looking at it) for lots of full-auto low-recoil fun. Expensive fun, but fun nonetheless.


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