We aren’t all like this

News update: James Yeager has issued a challenge online saying that anyone who wants to call him a coward will get to travel to Tennessee and say it to his face. Fair enough so far, it sounds like a way to cut down the internet tough guy trolls.

The problem is, James Yeager is the biggest internet tough guy out there. 4chan already trolled him, and he threatened to kill them. He has threatened in a video to break the spine of anyone who calls him a coward.

Keep in mind that this man puts photographers downrange in his shooting classes. He won’t go, but it is okay for them to do so. My guess is he is afraid of getting shot, but is fine with putting someone else in that position.

Now, things have reached a new level of stupidity: He has issued a dueling contract and a challenge to duel anyone who would express the opinion that he is a coward. Naturally, this dueling challenge is against Tennessee law.

Of course, if you want to be remembered forever as the person who cut James Yeager down to size, ENDO is offering to cover some of the fees and such if you take him up on it.

Issuing a challenge seems to be a little over the top. In fact, he is so stuck on this not a coward thing that I think it may be a case of He Doth Protest To Much.

The worst part about Yeager isn’t being a coward. Sure, he is also rude, a massive tool, and a bit of a douchebag, but the worst part is that he is loud. The squeaky hinge gets noticed. By being loud, most people not in the firearms community will encounter Yeager before they encounter the genuinely good people and long before they encounter the crème de la crème of the community. To be blunt, James Yeager has, in his behavior, made most of the firearms community dislike him, and at the same time, puts forward a negative image of the community that doesn’t really want to be associated with him. He gives all of us a bad image. People will see him and thing that all of us fight pistol duels and threaten to snap spines of anyone who disagrees with us.

I realize what it would mean to stand up to him, and the immortal fame one would get, but it isn’t worth it in my opinion. The most likely outcome is that he kills you, but based on his actions and statements, he will be going to jail for first degree murder. Maybe someone who has nothing better to do can be the martyr. the other option is you kill him, the firearm community celebrates that Yeager is gone (just in a different way, and you become an online hero, but still likely that you go to jail for murder.

The best case scenario is nobody does anything. Why? We can be the bigger person. While Yeager presents a negative image of all people in the firearms community, we can go against that by stepping up and saying “That isn’t who we are. We don’t duel. We don’t threaten people for disagreeing with us. We don’t pre-meditate murder. We are better than him.”

Why not show that we, as a whole, are better people than James Yeager? If he duels someone, it will be a big news deal, and even more hatred will be directed at the firearms community and all gun owners, since a duel happened. I personally would rather not deal with the fallout from that, since it would be absolutely miserable, and instead I would much rather take the moral high ground and show the community to be better than Yeager.


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