We Aren’t All Like This, Pt. 2

This is thanks to EDNO, who I’ve been following about this whole James Yeager issue.

Remember how the threats were veiled, such as different videos of him talking big and challenging people?

Well, now he’s just as much as admitted he wants someone to call him a coward so he an kill them while saying they started a fight.

What he says is “I will kill anyone who grows a set of balls. I don’t care if I go to jail.”

Remember what I said about pre-meditated murder? In times like this, it would almost be nice if thought police existed, since he would be going to jail. He is actively planning on killing someone, whoever it is that shows up and calls him a coward like he said to.

Well, at any rate, without reiterating my last post on this topic, James Yeager is a good teacher of what NOT to do and how NOT to behave. If James Yeager likes it or approves of it, it would be safe to say that it isn’t a good idea, product, or whatever.


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