Tuesday Thoughts

Sometimes, a source that you wouldn’t expect or something from a place you wouldn’t expect ends up showing some pretty rational ideas.

I was reading this for a different review on a different blog, and wanted to share this. Yup, this is from japan, with some of the strictest firearms laws, and the shining example for anti-rights people. Not to mention some legal discrimination based on some very strange things.* So then why do anti-rights people want us to be like Japan? We already progressed out of a lot of that, thankfully.


As a semi-amateur firearms blogger, I do have to give some credit to Upotte!, especially considering its origins, due to the fact that it grasps that tools are tools and have no free will, and it takes a person to use that tool to due anything.






*Blood type being one thing. Kindergarteners get broken up into groups based on blood type, and dating services break up results by blood type. And if you want a job in Japan, avoid having type B blood. Even better, this blood type idea is based in Nazi ideology, for that added bonus of fun.

The next best one is their legal discrimination against people with Korean ancestry. I mean people born in Japan, with Japanese names, speaking Japanese, but their family origins were Korea, so they are subjected to a bunch of restrictions that the Supreme Court upheld in 2005. Things like being unable to vote or hold management positions in the public sector.


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