Nutnfancy on the CT Shooting

Personally, I think a lot of his predictions are are the FUD side, but the only way to find out is to wait and see.

Why am I posting this? Well, I talked about the black market issue for firearms and ammunition, and he also mentions that and several other good points.

Talk about your senseless tragedies that occur. It would be hard enough to be a parent and lose your child, but to a shooter in a place that had a sign making shooters illegal?

Where nobody could have stopped him until the police arrived?

And then to have your deceased loved ones be used to push an agenda-ANY agenda. Personally, I think the worst is the one that creates more victim disarmament zones and allows more sprees like this to happen. I think that, as a community, we should offer help and support to those who lost loved ones in this event, in any way we can. It’s the least we can do.

Some people have problems. Why don’t we work towards finding solutions to prevent these things from happening in the first place?

Mental illness is a serious problem, and one that, due to cultural biases, is rarely dealt with. Something needs to be done to help people with problems. Shouldn’t we have the compassion to help those in need?


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