In which I fail to grasp the hatred of Heckler and Koch

I had encountered the HK hates you, and you suck article that complains about things like the SL8 being grey, and other such things which apparently mean HK hates you. Then I ran into the Sporting Purpose article which tries to negate the ‘points’ raised by the previous article. Both of those got me thinking: does Heckler and Koch really hate gun owners?

Now, I know some of you like short answers instead of involved thoughts on Heckler and Koch and their products, so my answer is: No, they don’t hate you. If they did, they wouldn’t sell anything to you. You don’t have a company selling products to a market you hate.

I should start this out with my prejudices:I don’t hate Heckler and Koch, but I have no real love for them either. They make some good guns and some bad ones, cool ones and uncool ones, just like any other company.

Apparently, Heckler and Koch think that their gas piston AR is the greatest AR ever made, which means that they hate you, according to the HK hates you article. Also, they apparently hate you because they won’t sell you the gas piston AR. Apparently, because they won’t sell to civilians, that makes it better.

For actual facts, the HK416, the gas piston AR in question, is apparently a fairly advanced gas piston design, and is an evolution of the G36 and the SA80 A2. Remember, Heckler and Koch was the company that saved the SA80 design. The HK416 is for the individual carbine competition, and was trying to be the replacement for the M4. Those both seem to be military weapons. Maybe they won’t sell you the HK416 because it is capable of fully-automatic fire, and we aren’t allowed to register new fully-automatic weapons in this country? Maybe THAT is the reason they won’t sell it, because nobody could legally buy it? But no, maybe the real reason they won’t sell a product that you can’t buy is because they hate you, not for legal reasons.

Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal won’t sell you a Minimi or a F2000, because those aren’t legal to buy either. So why don’t we direct hatred towards them as well? Hint: we don’t because it would be stupid and make us look like whiny losers who want some toy we can’t have, but will throw a tantrum when we are told we can’t have it.

Want to buy an HK416 or a FN F2000? Why not try something productive, like working towards less restrictions on the second amendment, along with the removal of laws that prevent registering a new fully-automatic weapon and perhaps even the NFA as a whole? That would be more productive than stamping your feet, saying Heckler and Koch hates you because they won’t sell a gun you can’t buy.

Then of course, is the point that their mass produced stamped steel guns are so much better than every other stamped steel mass produced gun. What do you want them to say, don’t buy our product, there are other alternatives out there that are just as good?

As a radical idea, why not let companies try to convince people to buy their products? Normally, you do that by telling people your product is the best and they should buy it. Things like that are, oh I don’t know, only the basis of capitalism.

The article does bring up a valid point: the guns are overrated by legions of fans. Welcome to the world of gun ownership. In other news, Glocks are ugly and reliable, but Glock seems to be trying to coast on one basic design, with nothing new. And yet, you go online, and you woudl swear that the Glock was the holy grail of pistols, and nothing else could be better. Well, they aren’t. People in all communities buy expensive goods, and some will try to convince themselves that their purchase was the best, and they end up putting other people down so they can eliminate their self doubt. But equating the annoying fans with the company hating you is insane. Do rabid fans of 1911 pistols mean every company that makes a 1911 hates me? No. Do rabid revolver fans mean that revolver companies hate me? No.

In every case there, rabid fans put other people down and hype up their own purchases in order to convince themselves that they got the best.

The article does bring up some valid points, about how the G3 destroys brass and how the PSG-1 is a more accurate G3 with a huge price tag. Well, the G3 uses a delayed blowback action so that the blowback weight isn’t insane. I hate using online calculations, but the G3 in a regular blowback would have an insanely strong spring and something like a 27 pound recoiling mass. In any gun, that is a bit excessive. Now, the destroying brass is a valid point for civilian shooters who reload. Most militaries don’t reload ammo, so destroying brass is what you get for greater reliability. When you use a rifle that is a full on military weapon, you get all the things that are great features for militaries. A gun that is reliable is great for an army. A gun that doesn’t destroy the brass is best for someone who reloads. The two firearms are simply intended for different uses.

If I wanted to reload and shoot competition, I would get an expensive gun that barely damages the brass, but I would pay in terms of reliability. If I wanted to fight a war, I would be best suited with a more reliable gun, as stopping to pick up my brass isn’t exactly a concern in that case.

Even with things like the MP5 mentioned, the people seeing ‘cool guys’ in games, movies, and real life (news) using it does give it an aura of coolness. And yes, all guns malfunction. But again, in those cases, the fans are responsible for taking something and building up a mystique around it.

And about internet polls on what is the best rifle and Heckler and Koch guns getting a lot of votes: sure, most people haven’t shot it. They have brand loyalty to Heckler and Koch. And the same goes for any other rifle on the poll. The same goes for asking about any gun online. If I asked on a forum about buying an Accuracy International rifle, there would be someone who hasn’t shot it telling me I should buy a Remington rifle. And there will be someone telling me that what I actually want is a mil-spec AR-15, despite it not being what I need, and them not knowing the actual military specifications.

The internet can be a great source of information, and a terrible source of information at the same time. rabid fans are actually pretty easy to weed out. What you need to look for is someone who gives advice that sounds like a sales pitch for a brand, not just a specific gun. Maybe I want to look at pistols. If someone is trying to convince me that a specific model Glock from a specific generation is good for my particular needs because of x, y, and z, they likely have some knowledge. If someone is trying to convince me that Heckler and Koch pistols are perfect for me, but they never mention why or a specific model, then they likely have bad advice.

Then, of course, there is a complaint about the SL8 that the US got, due to the fact that it is grey. Apparently, heckler and Koch making a grey gun and selling it means they hate you and think that black is too dangerous for you. Or maybe Heckler and Koch actually does support your right to keep and bear arms, and is trying to sell a weapon that nobody would take offense to. Black is universally associated with scary military weapons by people who don’t know better, so it was made in a fairly non-threatening grey. The SL8 was released during the AWB, so it was designed to take magazines that held the legal capacity. Feel free to express shock and horror that Heckler and Koch made a gun that fit within the laws so that they could sell it. It used its own magazines so that high-capacity magazines couldn’t be fit in, since those were banned. The SL8 was released during the crime bill, so they couldn’t have made regular capacity or high capacity magazines for it and sold them.

Oh, and when the ATF went out trying to define ‘sporting purpose’, they sent letters to various companies trying to get them to send in their input, only one company actually tried to stop ‘sporting purpose’ and tried to get their customers to send letters to the ATF detailing how those products were used for ‘sporting purposes.’

Obviously, since the actions of some fans who have never shot a gun by Heckler and Koch or try to convince people, that the brand is the greatest means the company hates you, there is no way that-oh, hang on, Heckler and Koch was the company that got people to write into the ATF in an effort to stop ‘sporting purpose.’

Maybe Heckler and Koch doesn’t hate you, they just have annoying fans who hype things up like every other company.

Sure, the MP5 can jam, but so does every other gun. If it was so bad, you’d think people would stop using it, but it is still chosen for use by hostage rescue teams and other elite units. Evidently, it is good enough.

As far as designs go, Heckler and Koch pioneered polymers in firearms and integrated rails on handguns for attachments. They also developed polygonal rifling, which offers greater accuracy, higher muzzle velocity, and longer barrel life. They even developed the G11 caseless rifle, and they, along with a manufacturer of powder for ammunition, made rounds that didn’t cook off after extended firing. Heckler and Koch made a viable caseless rifle. It was one of those things that was advanced enough for the time that it never caught on if favor of designs that weren’t so radical.

Not to mention the caseless pistol and light machine gun that were created alongside the G11. Heckler and Koch even did the revamp of the SA80, which created the modern SA80A2. According to the British Army, the SA80A2 is the most reliable military assault rifle currently existing. The trials for the rifle gave an average of 25,200 rounds fired from the SA80A2 IW before any stoppage occurred, and the rifle has a service life of 10,000 rounds. It seems to be, to anyone with more brain cells than toes, that heckler and Koch created a rifle that is capable of never seeing a stoppage during its designed lifespan.

Instead of complaining about what you can’t have, it may be more productive to try to get things changed so that you can legally buy what it is you want.


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