Sen. Yee is trying to ban guns

From the CalGuns Foundation:

Sen. Yee has introduced a new bill that is seeking to ban semi-automatic firearms in the AR-15 and AK-47 style, add-on kits for those (add-on kits not yet defined), bullet buttons, mag magnets, and high-capacity (standard size) magazines.

Oh, and the bill is also requiring yearly registration and background checks, as well as a bill that requires all guns to have a locked trigger and be stored in a locked container.

Honestly, I think Yee should be recalled. He tried to ban violent videogames, and the Supreme Court shot that one down. The Supreme Court also ruled that that the Second Amendment is an individual right, and things like locked storage laws weren’t allowed.

And he gets paid to introduce laws that infringe on our fundamental rights, that either have already been shown to be unconstitutional or get overthrown as unconstitutional. Why should my money go to a person who introduces stuff and works hard to get it passed, and it then has to be thrown out, because you can’t make laws like that?

Me differing in opinion with Yee on a topic is one thing, wasting our time with laws that aren’t constitutional is another think. even worse, he wastes the time of all other legislators with those bills, and the time of the Supreme Court in having to strike them down. That is time that could be spent enacting useful policies that benefit people.

Or, maybe this person has some points about why spree killers do what they do. Maybe dealing with those issues might help reduce spree killings, which are, admittedly, one of the lowest causes of death, behind things like lightning strikes.

Actually, I cannot find the video, but there was one where an experienced criminologist was saying that they have told media outlets that the way to reduce spree killings would be to do things like give minimal coverage, no world coverage, don’t put anything with the person in it as news, limit it to one story at an odd hour, don’t mention the name of the killer, and other such things. Prevent everyone from knowing anything about the killer and they will have absolutely no infamy. This could be easy to do as a way to reduce spree killings, but try getting a place like CNN or Fox to admit they might actually be partially responsible for anything.



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