Study: Mass Killings True Numbers


Sorry for the small image.

Up on Infowars is an article on just how much mass killings actually do.

A study published in USA Today using FBI data showed that mass killings are less than 1% of homicides, and that many mass killings do not involve a gun in any way.

Over a five year period from 2006 to 2010, 156 mass killings occurred, and around only 1/3 of them involved a gun. In many of the studied killings, the weapons used were fires, knives, and blunt objects. In many of them, the killers and victims knew each other, and the victims were specifically targeted.

More people died from migraines, falling out of chairs, and sunstroke during that same period according to the CDC.

Mass killings have also declined since the mid 1990’s.

For the full article, head over to Infowars.

Too bad that that won’t really be reported, since it doesn’t fit with the world is going to end scare the media loves to hype up. Too bad the general public won’t hear that a legally armed citizen stopped the mass shooting in the mall.

Either the media does have an agenda, or they are insanely incompetent. Or they are scared that the world is ending they look for anything to support that and forget everything else related to the case.

Probably a mix of the above.


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