Military Arms on new AWB

Feinstein announced a new assault weapons ban and it turns out that Military Arms has a video that does a much better job of discussing it that I had written up.

Basically, if this law passes, you will only end up with the ability to own a front-stuffer until they take that as well.

Join the NRA. Join the Second Amendment Foundation. Join the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. If you live in California, join the CalGuns Foundation.

Like or dislike any of these organizations, they are fighting for your right to actually own and get to use a firearm. If I wanted to live under British law, I’d move to the U.K. If I wanted Australian gun laws, I’d move there. But I don’t want those, which is why I live here.

The laws in Japan didn’t stop a man from shooting someone in a Denny’s restaurant. Sure, he committed suicide later, but some of the strictest firearms laws didn’t stop that. Then again, Japan is known for some substantial amounts of corruption (to the point where places known to be conducting illegal acts are ignored)  and organized crime (even Olympus is suspected of dealings with organized crime.)

Well, anti-rights advocates are nothing if not hypocrites, and it is apparently easy to ignore things like organized crime and increased crime rates after firearm bans when your goal is to stomp on the rights of everyone else except yourself.

First the second amendment, and if confiscation does happen, the fourth amendment. Then who knows what next, since you can’t stop it with any resistance or rebellion at that point.

That got way too conspiracy theory-ish for my taste. Would it happen? Doubtful, highly highly doubtful. That would just be an absolute worst-case scenario.

So, are bodyguards going to be exempted? Are senators, representatives, and other high ranking people going to be exempted? Either way, I’d bet they will act like they are and nothing will happen to them.

On the other hand, Obama did sign some pro-gun legislation. If he opposes the AWB Feinstein proposed, I am going to have the biggest laugh in history. Would that happen? Who knows?

This all remains to be seen. In the meantime, if you own ANY sort of firearm, be it a Hi-Point in a nightstand or a bolt deer rifle or your grandpappy’s pump action or a NFA item, please support everyone else in opposing these laws. United we stand, divided we fall. If this goes through because groups of firearm owners thought it wouldn’t affect them, you just screwed us all over. Thank you.


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