Time for a blog assistant who still can’t make a pro-rights website work

Actually, the next few posts over the next few days are going to be pretty sobering (probably) so I thought it might be nicer to start it off with something funny, like my new assistant for the blog.

They promised they could get the Pink Pistols website working, and since it seemed like a group I wanted to know more about, since it looks like it might be interesting to feature them as a pro-rights group. Not just pro gun rights, but pro LGBT rights as well, which is unusual to see, but all the links are broken at their website.

My assistant said she could fix that, but it hasn’t happened.


Anyways, I decided to pander to audiences by finding an unmarried black female assistant. I think I covered all the bases for things I have no part of and thus can’t really be trusted to know what people who can describe themselves as any of those actually want or look for, so this decision is actually a joke, with multiple layers of complexity and symbolism and metaphors.

For those who don’t know, metaphors are like similes because I am making one now.

Oh, right, her picture.

blackwidow legs

Long legs, too. That has to appeal to someone.

Hope you got a laugh, since the next few posts are going to be pretty serious, including one about the ATF and sporting purpose, and it doesn’t bode well.


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