Sometimes, I hate being right

In other news, James Yeager, not content with violating the Tennessee constitution and challenging people to duel as an excuse to kill them legally, has now stated that if the laws get any tighter, he is going to start killing people.

I’m pretty sure jackbooted thugs aren’t kicking doors in and confiscating firearms at this time, which is when you would want to revolt.

At this point, this issue is best fought at the ballot box. Write you representatives, state governments, the white house, and, well, everyone in a position of political power. That is how you would be able to make a difference in the current laws.

I previously made a post where I said we should ignore James Yeager, seeing as he would do something really stupid and give people an excuse to say  that ‘all gun owners are like Yeager, he did x, so they will, too.’

And guess what? Anti-rights people are saying they NEED to confiscate guns so we all don’t go killing people, just like Yeager says he will.

Way to go, and thanks for dragging us down with you. If we had distanced ourselves from him in aloud and public way, this might not have happened, since nobody would have cared about Yeager.

Sometimes, I hate being right.


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