Armed Teachers?

My assistant said this would be a topic that is popular and should be written about, so I decided to ignore her. Then I listened, since you can’t win an argument with her.

So, things I disagree with, mainly to do with armed schools.

First one is the big one recently, arming teachers. I have met plenty of good teachers who would happily defend their student in all grades of school. At about the college level, letting students be armed would be a fairly effective and easy way to prevent not just a shooting, but attacks in parking lots and things like that. About a year or two ago, there was several attacks on people walking alone on the trails at the local college, and a year ago, there were some attacks in the parking lot of the college.

I personally think armed security or law enforcement would be better than armed teachers, especially at high school. My high school had a deputy from the sheriff’s office at the school constantly, and I do believe he was armed.

But of all the teachers I had, half I would trust them and the people around them with a gun. Of the remaining half, some I wouldn’t trust them to not shoot a student, and of the others, I wouldn’t trust the students.

Of the first group that might shoot a student, those were some fairly out there and crazy teachers, and I had no idea why they were still teaching. The second half is of greater concern to me personally. One teacher I had was an older man who was so frail that the recoil from a laser pointer would have turned his arm to powder. Several students flat out hated him, mainly for reasons I won’t bother getting into for this post.

Suffice to say, I personally think that if he was armed, if a student got mad enough, getting his gun would be easier than buying a black market one. It isn’t the teacher so much as the students.

That is why my personal support would be for armed law enforcement at the high schools. While someone might not listen to a teacher with a gun if they intended on committing some evil act, the uniform and badge will usually suffice to stop someone. Even arming the security guards that patrolled the school would also work, as it would be very unlikely for someone to go after the guard instead of the teacher.

Arming school officials, law enforcement who are at the school, and people working as guards at the school would be a more effective way in my mind. I routinely watched students ignore teachers and rules set by teachers*, but were instantly subservient to the guards, the sheriff, or the principal or assistant principals.

*Mainly students didn’t listen to teachers telling them to stop fighting. They also didn’t listen about weapons, you would routinely see students carrying large pocketknives, which wasn’t allowed. Nor was making weapons, but people always tried that one in shop class.

Someone even brought dynamite to school once. it’s why the school doesn’t use the inside hallways anymore, it blew up in a locker during class and that ended the use of the hallways.


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