Continuation on armed teachers

Not to single out Linoge (whose blog should be on your read list), but this was the one tweet I found.

And it is true. Completely and totally true.

In my experience, though, the teachers that I have had that i wouldn’t trust to be armed are teachers I was amazed that they still had their jobs.

In very case, the teachers that I wouldn’t trust with arms were teachers who I wouldn’t trust in teaching positions.

It ranged from ‘this teacher insults students in front of the class when they can’t answer something’ to ‘this teacher just leaves the classroom for the whole class period’ to ‘this teacher seems to be a bit of a pedophile.’

In the first case, that person shouldn’t be teaching. In the second case, that teacher can’t protect their students if they aren’t even there. In the third case, that teacher shouldn’t be teaching, either.

None of those teachers I would trust with arms, but I wouldn’t trust them with my children, now would I trust them as people, either.


One thought on “Continuation on armed teachers

  1. Through all of the reports of crime as well as chaos, there has been one consistent champion – the educators. Teachers, regardless of whether skillfully trained or perhaps picking it up because the couple go along, who carve out little niches of protection and also youth for the children in want. Librarians whom remind us which humans tend to be capable of making things noble and also sublime (is there anything a lot more beautiful than a line of books for a shelf?).

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