News and products that you can buy

Ruger announced a few new pistols in an email newsletter. Which I admittedly didn’t read, because TrackingPoint also sent out an email saying their product was now available. Sure, everyone who signed up for notices knows that, but for the rest of you, here it is:

It is a computerized scope and rifle, where you tag a target, and the rifle will fire when it is on the tag, assuming you have pulled the trigger. There are three rifles, a 8.6x70mm (.338 Lapua), a 7.62x57mm (.300 Win Mag) and a more standard type rifle (lacking pistol grip and all the other features) that is also 7.62x57mm.

The basic one is a mere $17,500 with the nicer ones being $20,000 and finally $22500 for the 8.6x70mm rifle.

They say it uses a Heads Up Display in the scope, but I’m not sure if that falls into the definition of an actual HUD. Either way, it displays a lot of information in the scope, like the range, wind speed, direction of crosswind, slope, cant, magnification, temperature, cardinal compass direction, pressure (in inHg) and more.

A very advanced rifle meant to make long range shots easier by putting all the information right in the scope, where the user will see it all without having to leave the rifle and check a weather unit, or consult firing tables.

What else is kind of cool is that they have an app, which one feature is the streaming of video from the scope. Actually, that would be pretty neat for competition, since you could see exactly what they see, and it would make watching a long-distance shooting competition a bit more interesting.

Seeing as it seems to work by allowing the mechanism to fire when the rifle is on the Tag, even if the trigger is pulled, it does seem like it would have less movement from pulling the trigger and that sort of interference.

Personally, I don’t know what is wrong with a release trigger, which also reduces movement of the gun from using the trigger, and costs less than $22,500.


Now, if you are really rich, as in at least 1 million USD to throw at something, Kuratas has just the customizable thing for you. And yes, it is really for sale. Here is the one I customized (but can’t afford):



  • Iron Crow hand: 80,000 USD
  • lohas launcher: 100,000 USD
  • Carbon shield: 75,000 USD
  • Radio unit: 80,000 USD
  • Shotproof armor: 150,000 USD
  • Pilotless head: 200,000 USD
  • Artificial leather seat: 0 USD
  • iPhone: 600 USD
  • Cup holder: 100 USD

Total cost of mine: 2,039,200 USD. A bit more expansive than a TrackingPoint, but nobody will say anything bad about you or disagree with you, since you own a giant robot.



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