Slide Fire belt feed AR modification?

All the information is over at The Firearm Blog. It looks like Slide Fire is putting this out as a SHOT show part, which will most likely see future production.

I wasn’t at SHOT, so I don’t have pictures, and I am not about to steal any from The Firearm Blog.

Combine that with a Slide Fire stock and you would have an excellent time. I do have my suspicions that the belt adapter won’t work on polymer lowers, of if it will, will adversely affect the lower.

Put a belt feed on anything and it becomes cooler. Even on a bolt gun, they make things just a bit more fun, somehow. It’s been done before.

Of course, it won’t be CA legal, and if it is, it won’t be for long. After all, this is the state that has a law that if you have an ammunition belt of the disintegrating type, you are only allowed to re-assemble it to hold no more than 10 rounds. Other belt types can only be ten rounds as well.

Along with the Slide Fire stock. I was thinking of buying those for an AR build (if I ever wanted an AR to be a range toy and not much else.)

And by illegal, I mean owning a Slide Fire stock, even if you don’t own any gun, is illegal. Knowing how California is, it’s probably a felony, too.

Then again, these other things are illegal, and people sell them in this state and nobody cares or does anything:

Nun-chucks, shuriken, blowguns and pen knifes to name but a few. Can’t even have a cane sword or a walking stick designed to also be used for self-defense, even if it isn’t weighted or anything.

Obscenities are said and worth saying about that.

However, I can legally order a switchblade and a butterfly knife online and have it sent by mail to my door in California. I just can’t sell it in this state, transport it in this state, transport it out of this state, keep it for sale in this state, carry it in this state, etc. I can transport it if it is only to a licensed dojo or other martial arts place from my home or to my home from the dojo.

I guess if the gun bans here get as bad as D.C., I would already be used to it, given the knife ownership.

I guess the right to ‘keep and bear arms’ doesn’t extend to all arms, regardless of how useable or effective they are.

Everyone in a free state, enjoy being able to own that kind of stuff. And enjoy the items you have, you lucky few many.



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