Today was the Inauguration?

I say that because I just woke up and seemed to have slept through it.

Well, whatever. I can be bothered to care enough about that to write forty words on it and on how little I care about it.

There is, at the moment, literally almost nothing else interesting to say. Obama hasn’t come for the guns, but Feinstein has named the Kel-Tec KSG as a banned gun by name in her gun control proposal.

Kel-Tec is raising the price, and whoever said they won’t go after our pump shotguns is looking pretty foolish.

Actually, there a a few other interesting things. First, there is Feu Libre! which is a French and Swiss firearms forum. Nicely done, and worth a mention. Google translate says the name means Free Fire. I am not sure if it is  supposed to be more along the lines of free to own firearms or actual ‘free to open fire.’ If anyone can elaborate on that, it would be great.

Secondly, while China officially states that U.S> gun ownership is a violation of human rights while they fail to prevent their dissident populations from building firearms out of all sorts of stuff, one of the Tienanmen Square activists is turning out to be a supporter of the Second Amendment. A CalGuns thread had a couple other people from China chiming in to say that gun control isn’t about guns, but control.

Damn. Has some extra punch when someone in his position (was in China) says it.

Well done, person who’s name I do not know.

Seriously, watch the video to the end.


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