Weekend Grab-bag

In the news, things range from the Feinstein gun ban bans all military useage firearms (apparently) meaning things like a Beretta 92 would be banned.

Naturally, that ban won’t apply to the government, the military, or the police.

Remember, at eighteen, if you join the military you get presumed responsible enough to be handed an automatic weapon and trusted to not go shoot people. If you don’t join, you are presumed to be such a horrible person that even letting you buy a pump shotgun with your own money will turn you into a killer.

Given the rate at which pump shotguns sell, I have a feeling the second line of thought is incorrect.


And onto the weekend wishlist:

Revolvers are cool. Semi-automatic pistols in steel and wood are cool. The Mateba Model 6 Unica is really cool. Even better is the Webley-Fosbery revolver, chambered in .455 Webley. The Webley .455 is a powerful round, and looking at the wikipedia page of the Webley ammunition versions, whoever invented the Mk. III-V cartridges was a sadistic person.

Oh, right, a picture.


A top break revolver, chambering a powerful round, made prior to and during the Great War (WWI) and even beloved by competition shooters due to its accuracy. Combine that with that specific look that the metal and wood that old British revolvers have, and there really is no reason to not love it. I know I love it and have one on my want list.

Not to be featured is a standard Webley revolver, since the wishlist is for the most interesting wants.





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