Aliens is here, except not really

Did you ever dream of having the pulse rifle from Aliens? For those who said ‘no’, if I had done a poll, I would know what percentage of people are liars, because you do want one, even if you won’t admit it.

So, naturally, a company has figured out the best way to give you the pulse rifle is to give you a little ammo counter for your pistol, or a little glowing LED.

Forget the 99 rounds, or that noise, or the grenades, or even the aliens to shoot at, all they say you wanted was the little light on the side of the gun. Maybe for rabid FPS game fans that would be fine.

There are two versions: one with a display that shows a numerical value for numbers left, and one that has a light that changes color to show if you are running low.

They also have a monochrome LED, so since the regular one adjusts brightness depending on the outside brightness levels, I cannot figure out how the monochrome one will work effectively.

In fact, how does it know how many rounds are in the magazine? It can’t use a magnetic sensor, since rounds tend to not be magnetic and the device work on 1911 pistols, which tend to be made of ferrous materials, like steel.

I guess they could sue a switch to tell when a new magazine has been inserted, but use of anything beyond non-standard magazines would render the counter useless. To make that work, all your magazines would have to have some way of detecting the number of rounds, sending it to the grip counter, and keeping track of it all.

Glocks have 17 round magazines…and the extended 33 round magazines. How does the grip know which one I used? In fact, if I decide to grab a Beta drum, it won’t be able to tell that there is 100 rounds at my disposal. If it counts down by firing the gun (how does it know to subtract one?) then it will say I am empty when I am in fact, just getting started.

Also, if I have an AR pattern rifle and I want to track the total number of shots fired and other data like that, FN sells a grip that does just that without the need for a little screen telling me how many rounds are left and being unable to account for any modifications.

In my opinion, the AR model one seems like a useless idea. Ar rifles are modified in every conceivable way, from side feed magazines firing the AK round, to 12.7x99mm single shot uppers, to belt fed uppers to spade grips and water cooling (which I cannot find the AR15 forum thread about, the site is showing as untrustworthy to my antivirus software and it won’t let me access it).

Unfortunately, this ability to be modified to almost anything conceivable means that it would be next to impossible for the device to be able to work with very possible combination. A belt fed gun can have a belt of any length. A side fed gun works notably different from a regular AR upper. Bolt action uppers, air rifle uppers, shotgun uppers each all present some challenge that would make a universal system a very hard task and a needlessly overcomplicated task.

If you want some pictures of it (the website of the company is lacking in photos) then The Firearm Blog has some from the SHOT show.

I had this saved as a draft for some time, but since TFB reported on it and the website seems to be redesigned, I figured I may as well post it now.

Also, how on earth is a round counter ‘Revolutionizing the global arms industry’?

Directly from their front page:

Decades in the making, the long-awaited tactical solution is finally here: advanced technology for 21st-century firearms.

RADETEC® was established in 2004 to deliver sophisticated technological solutions to the world of firearms, calling on the expertise of a leading company with over 30 years’ experience in the electromedical industry.

In 2010 it opened an office in Pennsylvania, USA, to further its work on the development of unique, cutting-edge electronic devices patented internationally.

Day in, day out, RADETEC® continues to develop innovative devices to enhance security and tactical parameters in the use of firearms.

Sorry, but then where are your devices? I see two versions of a round counter with no dealer information, no detailed product information, no testing of the product, no advertising photos or videos. Okay, you started out with experience making medical devices-WHAT medical devices? Let’s hear what successes these people have. You have a new idea and claim lots of engineering prowess, so please tell us what other things they have made.

If that comes across as sarcastic, it isn’t meant to be. I honestly do want to know what other devices you say you have been and are developing as well as what medical devices the company had designed. Was it something basic, like a different color blood pressure reader or was it a radical redesign of a heart lung machine?

You do say you are developing innovative ideas day in and day out…so what are they? I can understand trade secrets, but even just hinting that you are making something advanced at least inspires confidence that you really do design products and you didn’t just repackage the Mana Energy Potion* counter from their chaingun, only smaller and for regular firearms.


*If you haven’t encountered them before, they made a bowling ball throwing robot and some other pretty neat stuff.


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