So, gun control seems to be going not much of anywhere

Given just how many people are upset over this and notifying their representatives, the white house, and all the other related people, it does seem that the impending gun bans (let’s be honest about what they are) seem to be losing momentum.

IT has been long enough that logic seems to be prevailing. Or the fact that people are stating they will not register (even in New York!), some states will arrest people attempting to enforce the legislation, and sheriffs say they won’t support it either.

Even my local sheriff had an article about him reaffirming the second amendment right. Sure, I could criticize him on only speaking up now, how far he is willing to take the second amendment, etc, but I won’t as of now.

Even rumors that the president shoots skeet have surfaced. There is no verification of that as of yet, so it could just be a lie.

Honestly, I need to complement the president on being a really shrewd politician. Shooting happens? Get people ready to pass massive gun bans. People start protesting, calling, writing, and emailing in against it? Suddenly the president shoots skeet.

If we want to be polite, he does seem to go with the flow. If you want to be honest, it seems that he flip-flopped.

I even got an email from the NRA discussing laws that democrats will attempt to ‘bully through’ in California. Bully through, that makes me laugh. Gun control here gets passed easily, regardless of how many people are against it.

Luckily, the already restrictive laws are why nobody gets shot in Los Angeles, Oakland, Stockton, San Diego as a results of gang activity, drug deals, and other illegal behaviors.

Oh wait, those are some of the most violent places…and getting a carry permit is next to impossible, if not impossible in those cities.

I could go on, but I’ll leave it at that for today.


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