Weekend Wishlist

This has become some sort of theme.

This week: the incredibly rare Nambu Type 1.


Image saved from google search, image owned by the awesome World Guns website, image links to them.


A submachine gun with a curved magazine in the front grip which is also the pistol grip with a spike on the magazine.

Does you gun have a bipod?

No, it has a monopod…on the magazine.

The gun does fire the fairly underpowered Nambu round (which is a fairly weak round for various reasons) and is also next to impossible to find. Well, so is the gun if I am honest.

Looking at that picture, you could easily make one that fires 9mm with some simple modifications to the Luty gun design. The aesthetics of that with the cheapness of the Luty (plus, the Luty is made with a hardware store trip, no fancy parts.)

I like odd and unusual firearms, and this one ticks pretty much every box. Not in the top few on my list, but is higher on the list.


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