Knives and things

I admit it, I like firearms (as if you couldn’t tell from the type of blog this is) but I also like knives, swords, sword canes, polearms, armor, and all sorts of other things involving metal and blades.

One blog I found that had/had all sorts of cool this with blades was/is The Realm Of The Dark Blade. I use past tense since the update schedule can best be described as ‘I think the author is busy or forgot the login details’ but it still has given me a wishlist of all sorts of cool things, the coolest of which will get pictures and links to who makes them. I might even say a sentence or two about them.

I’ll just start with some links to Cold Steel stuff. I rather like their Nightshade line, since it is some of their more interesting knives at reasonable prices. Yes, their Tai Pan dagger is cool, but $500 for a stainless steel one? Not to mention their use of stainless steel on a balded weapon 9stainless and blades tends to result in brittle blades. Good for kitchen knives, bad for defense knives.

FGX Battle Ring – Cold Steel

FGX Karambit – Cold Steel

FGX Tai Pan – Cold Steel

Trench Hawk – Cold Steel

Szabo Inc seems to have some cool stuff, but I will admit to being indecisive. Sure, the Dueling Knife, the Kamas, and the Combat Hawk are all really cool, but they do make a weird thing that is like a machete crossed with an axe that is as big as a large Chef’s knife and has the word ‘tactical’ attached to the front for no discernible reason.


Akatsuki BowieKanetsune

Really, a beautiful bowie style knife with a minimized clip point,  wooden grip, wood sheath with leather straps and buckles all come together to make a really nice looking hunting knife. Also, their website seems to indicate that their products are hand made. Nice.


Black Samurai Italian 11″ StilettoBurn Knives

For those that can’t see clearly, it’s a damascus-patterned steel stiletto with a tanto point.


Well, the image wouldn’t load, so nothing to show you. However, click that link, and you will not be disappointing if you like knives with curves. Real knives don’t just have curves, they have curves. To summarize just how nice that knife is, I think I need a cold shower. The Herbst Fighter is pornography for knife lovers.


The High RollerBlade Gallery

A black powder pistol combined with a folding knife, both in damascus-pattern steel. Hand forged from 1080 and pure nickel. Bolster is the same as the blade, the handle is sambar stag, the pistol is black powder, and those are ivory dice with it in a book safe. All the tools for the pistol are there, made in copper and brass.

Needless to say, I am in love. If I had more money, I would track down whoever owns it and buy it from them. Yes, sadly there is only the one. But, oh, is it beautiful. The Highroller indeed.


The Talisman Beast – Talisman Crossbows

From a maker in the UK, we get this very ornate crossbow. Everything on it has been elegantly carved and detailed, from the ornate stock to the head on what would be the hammer on a gun. Really too ornate for my taste, but an impressive level of craftsmanship and a very nice crossbow.

And, this:

Yes, it is a replica that only seems to use caps…and shoots a rubber band. Yes, it comes from some show or book (I am not sure which) I have never heard of before. But look at it, that has to be the coolest musket I have ever seen. Apparently, the person who uses that musket doesn’t bother with the front-stuffing nonsense, they New York Reload it.

To be fair, it is very physically small, woudl need a lot of redesigning to make it useable, and what seems to be a plastic body would likely not stand up to recoil. While cool in a way, it can’t be made practical while keeping the same aesthetics, thus leaving it in the realm of fantasy.

Other afterthoughts:

Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife which just so happened to be the inspiration for an easy to learn knife fighting/self-defense style and was the progenitor of the OSS knives and other, later designs like the Gerber Mk. II. A simple appearance that was brutally effective. No ornate extras, just some knife, no more knife than needed, but not too little knife either. That’s how they made it-it’s just some knife. You buy it like lumbar: “I’ll have a foot of knife, please.”

Personally, I saved my favorite for last: The Mclaglen-Peskett Close Quarters weapon. No wikipedia page on it, only some distributed posts in various places. A long, tapered needle like blade, a heavy metal end for bludgeoning, and a retractable wire for garotting. It even has a metal ring to attach a canvas strap to serve as a grip. All it is missing is a polearm attachment, a concealed .22 revolver (like those knife guns), and a stun gun.


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