I don’t really have anything to talk about today. AWB hearings seem to be going on, and almost nobody showed support for the AWB, while a huge number of people showed up and argued against it.

Good for them.

A few new species of snakes kept as pets were added to the Lacey act because Florida has trouble with people releasing them on occasion. Sure, they don’t survive in many states apart from the southern US, since the rest get too cold and they die, but that didn’t stop them from saying people in Wyoming and Montana aren’t allowed to get new snakes of a few different species because some are living in Florida.

Well done, that will REALLY solve the issue. Like how making us all take shoes off at checkpoints because one person tried a shoe bomb will prevent anyone else from trying a different trick.

What else… well, my laptop just refused to boot. The specific error is this:

panic: free: guard2 fail @ 0x323b0 + 16384 0/-2


Well done Dragonfly, I have never seen that one before.


And well done me, this is the most miscellaneous of all the miscellaneous articles so far.


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