Sometimes, you just need somethign funny

Let’s break the tension from worrying over gun bans for just a moment.

Rep. William Tracy Arnold, R-Booneville, has introduced a bill into the Mississippi legislature to ban…

Human-animal hybrids, and to fine those who create them or those that exist with a substantial amount of money.

Even better, it seeks to clamp down on human-animal hybrid trafficking.

Given that successfully combining DNA from a human and a non-human animal would be a major scientific achievement (because making one that works would be next to impossible, and it would answer a lot of questions about how genes work and interact.) you would have expected such a hybrid to be announced in the major peer-reviewed journals.

Needless to say, no such announcement exists, so I am forced to conclude that a human-animal hybrid doesn’t exist.

Of course, that means trafficking in them wouldn’t exist, either since you cannot traffic something that does not exist, although the Zap! company would beg to differ.

Does Mississippi have enough people trying to create hybrids that they need to ban it? Given that Mississippi has very few research institutions, are people trying to create their own the natural way?

With the incompatible number of chromosomes, that won’t work, either.

If anyone would like some laughs, they should rally against this on humorous grounds. On a more serious note, people in Mississippi get to have their taxes pay for their representatives to discuss passing a bill that does nothing because what it seeks to regulate doesn’t exist. Nice way to waste the money of the people living in your state.


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