I hope that was amusing, because this isn’t.

An ex-cop went on the offensive against other officers in his former department, attacking two. The one dies, the other was in surgery last time I checked.

The police have instigated a manhunt against him. This manhunt includes shooting up a truck with two women in it because it looked like the one the guy owns. Then, they went ahead and shot at a few more innocent people.

Naturally, the manifesto of the ex-cop was full of praise for…Feinstein, Piers Morgan and the President for supporting gun bans, as only police should have guns? I will admit, I didn’t expect that, but I was expecting more praise for his former department for miking him into what he is now, things like that.


When things like that happen, you would almost think that putting up a reward poster and letting regular people go after him would also help, since the police have limited manpower. Then again, you can’t really expect the cops to be competent shots in a state that functionally bans most any firearm police departments use, and likes making ownership of firearms and the ability to practice as hard as possible.

See why you should take your safety into your own hands?


Article originally spotted at SayUncle.


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