It’s time for the posts nobody reads: that’s right, it’s the Weekend Wishlist!

This extra special wishlist comes from the pages of Infrared Techniques and Electro-Optics in Russia: A History 1946-2006.

A very interesting book, and most definitely a book I want, but the wishlist is for firearms, not books.

So, from page 7 in chapter 1, there is an extra special item.


Tho bottom left-hand corner is the night vision device ‘Iskra’ mounted on what appears to be a Mosin-Nagant. The sight was fairly weak compared to modern devices, and required not an infrared spotlight on the sight as you would expect, but a large separately aimed infrared spotlight. One person had to find the target with night vision binoculars and aim a infrared spotlight onto the target, while the gunner could then see the target and shoot it.

In the right-hand corner, there is an infrared spotlight attachment for Iskra, which would have enabled the person using the weapon to spot their own targets.

The sight had the 60-100m range, which is fairly impressive given the technology it is using.

Honestly, how could that not be a very desired item? Mosin-Nagant PU sniper rifles and the other variants are relatively rare, but common enough to be reasonably affordable. A Mosin-Nagant with an Iskra sight would be a fine addition to a collection, assuming one could be found. Most likely, none still exist and one would have to be made from the old blueprints and schematics.


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