The new look and drones on U.S. soil.

One thing about the new look is that it seems to capitalize every letter in a title. I am not even capitalizing every word in the title.

Onto more…interesting news, apparently a drone has been deployed to try to find the guy who murdered a few cops.

There are two sides to this: one is that it is horrible and drones shouldn’t be deployed against US citizens, and the other is that it is an effective thing.

Let’s play devil’s advocate, since every other blog will go into detail about why it is bad.

Police drones do not carry weapon systems, only observation systems, such as regular and thermal cameras. They think they now where he is, so the drone is being used to pinpoint the location. This is like the micro air vehicles that the military uses-it is an unmanned vehicle that serves to locate something of interest so people on the ground know where it is. If used responsibly, they would visually verify that the person they found was the person they are looking for, and then track them with the drone while they send in a SWAT team, since the person they are seeking is known to be pretty dangerous.

A drone is cheaper than a helicopter, and some of the more advanced ones can take off, fly around set waypoints, and land themselves. All it takes is a human to tell it what GPS coordinates they want to drone to fly around or follow.

For those who like saving money or having police departments save money, it costs less that a helicopter, helicopter maintenance, and almost any yahoo can use it, unlike a helicopter, which requires a trained pilot.

Given the previous success of the police in this particular situation, I sincerely doubt the drone will be used effectively or in a way that is understandable. After all, their response to a pickup truck driving by was to shoot it up.

Checking on the drones used showed police versions of the MAV units that the military uses. These are small, laptop controlled vehicles that can fit in a single backpack. There are model airplanes that are substantially bigger then these drones are.

Besides, there are more important things to worry about, like Cispa appartently being back, or the fact that the NDAA is still around (and what it lets people do) and other things along that line. The fact that the officers that shot up the truck are on administrative leave, whereas any other civilian would be thrown in jail annoys me more than them using a drone to try to find the one person.

Hey, compared to shooting up trucks and hoping it was the right person, this is a step in the right direction.


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