Since I didn’t watch the State of The Union

I don’t own any sort of tv service. Broadcast doesn’t reach, satellite would require cutting trees down in my neighbor’s yard, and cable is limited to the choice of Comcast, Comcast, or if you are adventurous, Comcast. I’m all for the free market, since competition creates better products and services for the end users, but I really hate supporting monopolies.

So, I was browsing around Good Old Games and considering transferring some of my Steam library over to them, when I ran into an article that said something that caught my eye.

“By putting DRM in your games you are working against your consumers, you are harming those you should cherish. It’s only hurting your loyal consumers, which is counter-productive,” warned Rambourg.

Remind you of anything else? This fails to stop those already breaking the law, has advantages for those who break the law, and only bothers people who follow the law.

Criminals don’t choose to not murder someone because a gun is illegal, they steal guns, meaning they can’t be easily traced back to who shot whom, and gun laws only affect the law-abiding. DRM does nothing to prevent piracy, it is removed in pirated copies, making them really appealing, and it just makes the experience worse for the person who bought it legally.

You don’t protect yourself from your customers, and you don’t protect those who follow laws by taking away their ability to be protected.

The difference is, DRM hasn’t resulted in the death of anyone that I know of, while the effective inability to legally acquire a firearm has likely lead to the death of at least one person.


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