Firearms and genitals

You see this accusation a lot: people carry guns/buy large cars/buy fast cars/buy expensive houses to compensate for a small penis.

This statement is usually issued as an all-encompassing statement, meant to say everyone who buys x has a small penis. Unfortunately, stereotyping is stereotyping, regardless of who is on the receiving end.

So I thought I would look into this idea.

Is it true? Well, that statement says everyone who does x does it because of reason y. An all-encompassing statement is false if there is one counter-example.

But does it ever happen? Sure. There is someone who bought a fast car, a large house, or a big gun with compensation being as a reason. My personal thought on the matter is that it is never the reason that people have in mind. My guess would be that someone might have such a reason in their subconcious, but they aren’t going out and buying a desert eagle for that reason alone, or that reason primarily. It may be the reason that swings them towards the bigger gun when they are undecided, but it wouldn’t be a major factor in the decision making.

It isn’t just guns, either. It apparently applies to fast cars and expensive houses.

As a fan of Top Gear, I can state that I would love an expensive car, since expensive cars are usually fast cars, and fast cars just look to be extremely fun. A neighbor of mine had and may still have a very large house. They invited me over one time, and it was a large house with large, open rooms. It was a very pleasant place to be, and the open floorplan made it feel much larger than it was. Those that like spending the day inside may not like that, but I find a spacious interior is more relaxing.

And that brings me to why people buy those things: fast cars are fun. Large houses are nice (if you like them. There are small, expensive houses.) Firearms can be great fun.If it was just penis size, then women wouldn’t own fast cars, expensive houses, or guns. And yet, plenty of women own fast cars, expensive houses, and even more own guns.

Each of those is a tool. A house provides shelter. A car provides transportation. A gun provides protection.

In my own situation, I own a large truck that I use for hauling and towing. I don’t have a really large house or a fast car. If I were to go out and buy a pistol, I would most likely buy a Desert eagle.

Why? The large truck isn’t to compensate, I got it because I needed it to handle a task. The right tool for the job. People living in states with magazine limitations would find a pistol with the largest round possible to be an advantage. If you can only have x rounds or less, then you want to make each round count as much as possible. The tool for the job.

The big question is ‘Why do the people who make that statement never have those things?’

In my opinion, it is likely because they can’t or won’t for some reason. They don’t want a firearm, can’t afford a fast car or an expensive house. They may subconsciously resent those who do have such luxuries or fun in their life, and thinking it is to compensate for a small penis makes you feel better about your situation.

You may be in an abusive relationship, but if you pretend that Bill gates lights cigars with burning orphans, you feel like your life is better. You have moral superiority, or at least, you think you do. As a coping mechanism, assuming negative things about others can make people feel better about their own situation. The problem is when they state it and people repeat it as fact.

Can’t someone just like something without it having to deal with sex and genitals in some way?

In fact, such a question presumes that the only people who do such things are men. Why do people who ask that question seem unwilling to believe that women have things on that list because they like them?

I’m pretty sure people like Top Gear do what they do because they enjoy it.

Perhaps the concept of fun does not exist, or just does not include various things to those people. Some people find skydiving fun, and some people wonder why you woudl throw yourself out of a good airplane.

An interesting thought: is it just lack of ability to understand how those things are enjoyable, or is it trying to drag down those that are envied, to bring them down to a lower level?

For trying to answer the initial question, I seem to have made it worse.


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