Weekend Wishlist

Time to say a thing that will generate mass amounts of forum hate, if I were on a forum: I would rather have a MAS-49/56 instead of an M1 Garand.


This image of from the wikipedia page, and shows a MAS-49/56 with the grenade launcher and the APX (SOM) sight.

Compared to the M1 Garand, the MAS-49/56 has many characteristics that make it more desirable. The MAS weighs 4.10 Kg, while the Garand weighs 4.31 to 5.3 Kg. The MAS is between .21 and 1.1 Kg lighter than the Garand, and that is a lot when you have to carry it. The Garand uses an internal magazine loaded with one eight round clip, while the MAS-49/56 uses a 10 round detachable magazine.

The Garand uses the 7.63x63mm round, while the MAS-49/56 uses the 7.5x54mm round. The slightly smaller diameter and shorter dimensions of the French round makes it a much closer relation to  7.62x51mm NATO.

Naturally that means then when carrying a large load of ammo, you can carry more for the MAS than for the Garand.

Not only that, but while the Garand used a gas piston system, the MAS-49/56 used the direct gas impingement system, which saves weight and adds simplicity.

Not that I don’t want a Garand, it’s just that if I had to choose between the two and I couldn’t pick both, I would take the MAS-49/56 over the Garand. That is partially due to the fact that with only 275,240 MAS-49/56 rifles made, they are much rarer than the 6,250,000 Garand rifles made.


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