A little bit of this, a little bit of that, a little bit of everything

A post of various flavors for you all today.

First, news from The Firearm Blog shows a Beretta store has opened in Moscow. To the readers from Russia, I assume you have an interest in firearms (otherwise you’d be reading a gardening blog or a comedy blog) so if you haven’t heard about it already, here you go. The store does have marble floors and large chandeliers. Well, it is the flagship store, so I guess it would have to be the most extravagant, but I myself am just unsure about chandeliers and marble in….well, let’s be honest, in any store. It seems to be selling pretty much the entire Beretta range of shotguns, pistols, and rifles.

My understanding is that Russia has been loosening up its gun laws and allowing its citizens to own firearms for self defense, so congratulations on getting a Beretta store. I hope it works out well and you don’t have to deal with the scares the US, the UK, and Australia among other countries have to deal with.

Second, Linoge is running a couple contests/giveaways, where you donate some money to a cause and can possibly win some cool stuff. More details are at that post on his website. An additional prize is a ticket to Boomershot. By checking out the Boomershot website, their articles section shows that not only are disabled shooters going to the event, but that the event raises money for fallen soldiers. People from all over the US come for this event, but some of you who live in other countries, assuming you can afford to do so, might want to go. Explosive targets at long range, both a test of skill and a lot of fun. If you want more information, I suggest checking out their website.

And it seems Cheaper Than Dirt is trying to buy its way back into favor with donations to pro-rights groups, including a $100,000 USD donation to the Second Amendment Foundation. While they need the money, given the actions of Cheaper Than Dirt, they will likely not be forgiven for a long time, if at all. In what is a rather tight-knit community, the last thing you want to do is something to make people really dislike you. Like sell a $10 USD aluminum/aluminium GI magazine for $100 USD.


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