Armalite Boycott?

Well, bloggers such as Linoge are calling for a boycott of Armalite. More details at the linked post.

I can honestly say I have no need to participate willingly. Living in California, Armalite products are banned by name, so my inability to buy them can be claimed as a retroactive boycott.

California gun owners are massive hipsters, we were boycotting Armalite before it was something we should be doing, based on their actions.

Well, I’ll say I’m boycotting them, but it isn’t like I can buy their stuff anyways. Now I just won’t lust after any of it…not that I actually was, to be honest.

This boycott stuff is really easy so far.

Oh, and the California State Sheriff’s Association has written a letter to the Vice President in support of the Second Amendment. Well, half of me wants to support them in this, and the other half wonders why it took them so bloody long. I’ll still announce my public support. Stand by those who stand by us.

It’s the least we can do.

Also, why the vice president? I may not agree with the president most of the time (a topic for a different post), but he at least seems competent, while the vice president comes off as a bit of a blundering fool. Hopefully he won’t lose the letter or anything.


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