Do you have no dignity or dedication to your principles?

Well, good news! Colleges are now offering classes in…drone piloting.

And a drone pilot will make between $50,000 and $120,000 per year.

I thought I was good at making stuff up. I guess truth frequently is stranger than fiction.

Okay, and 23,000 jobs to be created in the next so many years, but just how many jobs will that come at the cost of? Look what happened with Spain and their green energy plan. Trying to create jobs lead to other jobs being lost, along with many of those jobs not being permanent.

My advice if you really want to control pilotless aircraft: don’t. This isn’t about morals or ethics, but the simple fact that autopilots can already make a plane take off, fly, and land with no human interaction. In 15 years, do you really think you are still going to be flying a plane by remote control, given the rate at which computers advance and computer control gets easier and cheaper?

Probably not. You may have a job, but it is likely that it will eventually soon be replaced by a machine. And for a passenger plane, people are just as uncomfortable with no human onboard regardless of if it is remote controlled or autopilot. At least an autopilot doesn’t lose the remote control signal.

A better job: work with automation. If drones are going to be computer controlled (as most are now) someone still has to design new ones, test the designs for weak spots, make them, test fly them, maintain them, and other such duties. Until we fully enter a post-scarcity society, someone has to maintain the machines that do the work for us.

And hey, once we do enter that post-scarcity society, then it doesn’t matter, since pretty much everyone will have nothing but free time, since concepts like work could be made obsolete.

In theory. Anyways, that really got off topic.



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