Weekend Wishlist: Large Rifle Edition

No firearms collection would be truly complete without a 12.7x99mm rifle in it. The Barrett is rather commonplace, Chey-Tac doesn’t offer anything in that caliber, the Accuraccy International AW50 is no longer made and looks like a video game gun, the M99B with its pretty cool drum magazine would be essentially impossible to get, so ignoring other choices for various reasons, the rifle for today’s wishlist is:

The PGM Hecate II


Image is saved from the PGM site, do them a favor and at least browse their stuff.


The Hecate II is a military rifle first and foremost. Reliability, durability, accuracy, etc are all top notch. The gun is for use against targets up to 1800m and beyond. For you imperialists, that is a little bit over 1.1 miles (1800m.)

The rifle is a hardened steel receiver and an aircraft alloy girder body, plus uses a two-stage trigger, match grade floating barrel, a bolt action, and has a seven round double-stack magazine. Not to mention, a muzzle brake that looks like it could be used to kill someone without being on the gun. They also offer wooden furniture and their own custom silencer for the beast.

Sorry, I need to wipe up the drool-a wooden furniture bolt-action 12.7x99mm rifle with a custom silencer is…metaphorically delicious.

As far as optics goes, PGm offers Schmidt & Bender, Carl Zeiss, Kahles, Night Force, and Simrad Optronics right on their website. Not just day scopes, but thermal sights and residual light amplifiers.

There are also the smaller PGM338 and PGM Ultima Ratio rifles, and the Ultima Ratio can even be equipped with an integrally suppressed barrel unit.

Honestly, while the M85A1 may be a good rifle, having a rifle with the model name ‘Ultima Ratio’ is pretty cool, not to mention Hecate II.

The big question is “I want one, so how much do I shell out?”With the answer being: ask them. PGM is a contractor for the French military, and rifles are made and priced on request. It isn’t like Barrett, where your local gun shop may have one, or can order one from Barrett with ease, to get a PGM rifle you need to contact them specifically, and part of that reason is admitted as security, since it seems they won’t sell to just anyone.

But on the other hand, you order a rifle from them, and they directly customize the rifle just for you and build it specially for you when you request, while rifles like the Barrett are mass produced, and not necessarily built to order, on demand, or customized for the buyer. So there is an added level of service.

Since there are readers here from various countries, Here is their international contact page, and the link to the US specific contact page is Here.

Of course, if someone from PGM is reading this, as very few of your rifles are in the US, information is quite lacking about them, so I would be more than happy to review one so people in the US (and international readers) know more about these rifles. It’s a …public service. Yeah.


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