Shotgun Biden

The nice thing about living in a rural county: live far enough out, and nobody cares if you are shooting on your property.

Nobody even cares that you got your thanksgiving turkey by shooting it from your porch.


But most people live in cities, where following the advice of Biden would get you arrested. Of course, you could possibly use ‘The Vice-president said to” as a defense. Be in the right courtroom with the right jury, and you may be fine.


Also, a friend of mine forwarded me an email from the President from that organizing grassroots thing they did, trying to get everyone to tweet at Rep. McClintock to get him to stop blocking gun control.

Well done, Mr. President, have people from other random states pester the guy online. Naturally, most people who will do that will keep re-tweeting the same message until this whole thing is over, they will probably get their accounts banned for spam.

If, as you say, Mr. President, that all the victims deserve a vote, then they are getting a vote. It just isn’t the one you like, but that doesn’t make it not a vote.

And thank you, but I already did email him and state my thoughts.Does the fact that they run contrary to your thoughts mean that I shouldn’t have done so, or that my thoughts were ‘bad’ or ‘useless?’

I’m ending this here before I work myself up into a frothing rage.


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