They did what, and who is hiring?.

Well, if you like to see how your government spends your money on, say, potted ferns, then Cracked has an article for you.

Since potted plants that react to traces of explosives in a few minutes is totally a good idea. One plant reacts slower or faster then others, and good luck finding who has got the bomb. What do you do, seal someone in a sterile booth of artificially clean air with the plant for ten minutes, so that any trace of explosives on them is detected, but you reduce false positives found in things like air moving across the plant from someone else.

It’s cool that the plant can sense explosives, but wouldn’t that be better for, say, mine clearing? If it can detect traces of explosives, scatter the seeds over a suspected minefield. Ideally, the plants would then be able to show you where the mines lay.

But no, spend millions of dollars to protect airplanes, which are statistically the safest form of transportation from terrorist attacks, which are incredibly uncommon as well (depending on where you live).

Now, if you live in Texas, Tracking Point is hiring.

Work for TrackingPoint
Due to overwhelming demand, TrackingPoint is looking for very smart, dedicated individuals who have a passion for firearms at all levels and across all areas of expertise to grow our business. If you’re one of those people, and you like Texas, send us an email and a resume to for review.

Copied from their email message. So, if you want a job with them, they are hiring.

I’m not in Texas, but I would be happy to do ‘quality checking’ by reviewing one if Tracking Point would send one, and some ammo. I like the XS1 .338, but my local gun store doesn’t stock .338, or AR pattern rifles, or anything your average uninformed person calls an ‘assault weapon.’

Note: The last bit is intended as humor. I make that joke since I wholly expect such a thing to never ever happen, since as a small blogger, there really would be no point in letting me review one as opposed to, say, The Firearm Blog.


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