Well, sort of.

A man got arrested for firing a shotgun in his home to scare off intruders. I say retraction because it looks like he will not be getting off at this time, while I previously stated that it might be fairly plausible, especially considering that the Vice-President said to do so.

Although, politicians do live in a separate world from the rest of us.

perhaps most simply do not recognize threats or dangers that regular people face? They know they have to deal with threats and such as they are a public figure who someone will inevitably want to kill, but perhaps they think that, because the rest of us aren’t in their situation, we don’t need such protection.

Or like the politicians who say the live paycheck to paycheck…on a $174,000 salary.

These people have no concept of how the average person lives and what they have to deal with. The idea that what they pay in taxes, someone else makes less than half of per year simply doesn’t register with politicians. They can’t imagine it.

The idea that someone lives in a dangerous neighborhood because it is the only place they can afford doesn’t register. People will say the family should move out of the inner city to be safe, but for the vast majority of people, that isn’t an option. They can’t afford to.

Of course, they can’t necessarily afford firearms for protection either, but if laws were loosened to the point where people in desperate need could make firearms legally, the people who can’t afford protection and can’t afford to move can make some protection.

And if you care about the poor, why make their lives any harder or more dangerous? Allow them to make and own tools for self defense. Even a knife is your friend if push comes to shove and you have nothing else. I’d rather see the person attacking someone innocent end up on the slab instead of the innocent person who got attacked.


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