So, literally everything is standardized now

What’s the date today?

3/1/2013 you might say if it was the first of March, or 1/3/2013 if you use the day/month/year format, common in Europe.

Well, the way of writing the date has been standardized and both of those are now obsolete/incorrect!

ISO 8601 says the way to write it is…I can’t really go on seriously anymore.

For some reason, I can get on very few websites, none of which happen to be the firearm blogs I follow.

And I can’t get my email. And my internet has been cutting out lately. So you get a fluff piece.

But seriously, why have they standardized what now seems to be everything?

Who has the job to find things and come up with a standard from for them, besides a lawyer who lines up his/her pencils by height and has named their paperclips, which are then sorted in reverse alphabetical order by middle name.


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