Weekend Wishlist of the Second of March

I looked at my wishlist for this. I wanted to do something a bit out of the ordinary for this one, since a post on the AN-94 or SA80A2 or Type 99 just didn’t seem quite interesting enough.

Pretty much everyone wants an AN-94 due to the magical two round burst, so that isn’t very exciting.

So, for today, I have the KS-23M shotgun. It is a Russian pump-action shotgun. Look at this photo from World Guns:


Image is linked to their awesome webpage on this shotgun. I would have used a hotlinked image, but I didn’t want to steal their bandwidth.


Let’s just go over the specifications: A 23mm shotgun with rifling, and a three shell magazine.

Couple that with a removable wire stock and polymer furniture add on to make this a very funky shotgun.

Oh, and because it is rifled, Russia defines it as a carbine. A carbine that is manually cycled and fires 23mm tear gas grenades. Or 23mm projectiles that can destroy engine blocks at up to 100 meters.

Or the 23mm buckshot rounds for it.

It even has attachable ‘muzzle mortars’ in 28mm and 36mm.

For those who use the gauge system, this is about a 4 gauge shotgun.

Impractical, but it is very little known, and would be a fairly interesting addition to any collection. It’s like the modern version of the 2-bore rifle: very cool, it has its uses, but it isn’t enjoyable to shoot (check out how much people shooting a 2-bore have to lean into it due to the force it returns) and isn’t cheap to shoot.


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