Boycott of New York

For anyone who has not encountered the post on NC Gun Blog, this is for you.

There is a boycott of New York is the absolute basis.

To be complete, New York is now wanting various companies to show various guns they make to their police departments. Guns which citizens of New York are now unable to own, thanks to the new laws.

I’m not going to steal the post. Please head over there if you think the swat teams should have to follow the same laws as the regular citizens, and support the idea.

Their post has a few numbers to call to request support for the boycott, and a massive list of who is already participating.

Oh, and if you have money and want something, I suggest one of the companies that is supporting the boycott. Additionally, it does help to show your support for them when they stand up for your rights.


For a special case, I wish the best of luck to Progressive Micro with this boycott, as they don’t sell firearms, they sell mainly to governments, and they don’t sell stuff your average person would ever buy. And yet, they are boycotting New York.

A round of applause for them from me.



One thought on “Boycott of New York

  1. Thanks for the link. And double special thanks for not copy/pasting the entire list to your blog like so many others have done. It shows class on your part.

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