This one is mostly free

Once I get a scanner borrowed I will upload some sketches.


But we all remember the gyrojet, right? Even if we weren’t alive then, most everyone who likes firearms had encountered the rocket pistol. We already know it was a failure due to crimping problems with the ammo, sensitive powder, and other such issues.

So I’ve been working on a redesign.

My thought was to use a solid rocket fuel, angled at the rear so it doesn’t cover the jets, which are closer to the center. A small ring with angled fins in it rotates the projectile. However, the shaft that holds the ring is flattened on one end, and as such, it will not rotate, and will rotate the projectile. The shaft, when not extended back, touches a large electrically activated primer. The circuit is completed through the casing itself, so the barrel and rear of the chamber are the contact points. When the trigger is pulled, the primer detonates, slightly pushing the fins backward and igniting the solid fuel. The force of the jets pushes the bullet forward and the fins all the way back. As the rocket accelerates, the gas going over the fins imparts rotation to the projectile, instead of angled jets. That should give extra stability in flight, compared to angled jets, and be simpler to make.

I considered testing some and patenting it if it worked, but I don’t have the funds to do either. So instead, I am releasing the idea publicly under the Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported.

Anyone is free to share and remix the idea, however, the idea has to be credited to me, and cannot be distributed under any license other than this one. Commercial use of the work is accepted (and encouraged) but credit must be given.

It’s open source now; please improve upon it.


I thought you might enjoy that more than some regular post about some more common idea or event.


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