Since I seem to just have unpopular opinions

I may as well admit that my favorite firearms designer of all time and the one I have the most respect for is Margolin.

Maybe it was the fact that he revolutionized the design of Olympic target pistols, created a design that got banned, and which subsequently led to the modern generation of target pistols.

Maybe it’s the fact that he made the prototype mechanisms out of cardstock instead of machining them.

Personally, I think it is partially because he was blind and did all that by feel. All the hand work done of the metal of the guns was done by touch.

Also, I highly respect the fact that he went and learned everything needed to design firearms with the help of family and friends, not through formal education.

Oh, and apparently, he was an air-raid warden during the war, and threw an incendiary bomb from the roof of a building to the ground.

So, to reiterate: a blind man with no formal education designs and hand made Olympic target pistols, and completely revolutionized pistol design. I call that impressive. To be fair, he had several other innovations as well, but nothing quite like the MTsZ-1 pistol.


I don’t think I’ve ever been so impressed by one designer.

There is more on him at this link, and is worth reading.


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