NRA News on California SB 140

Okay, first I suggest reading this article at NRA ILA.

Read it? Good.

While it isn’t the worst of the anti-gun bills, it has some worrying potential, if we want to draw things out to the breaking point.

Firearms owners tend to be more conservative, and most conservatives dislike the government wasting money. I think most will agree with that.

So, when the government decides to raid a surplus of funds (because a place has generated income) to fund something else they failed to pay for fully due to mismanagement of funds, I suspect most people will be unhappy about that.

And firearm owners tend to not be mechanically challenged.


Worst case scenario: at least one person builds/prints a firearm and doesn’t register it so the money from the transaction isn’t available for use/misuse. Really, for anyone who opposes that use of funds, they can prevent it by fighting against it now, and if it passes, refusing to register in the future.

Well done California, you created an economic incentive to disobey. Since you haven’t been able to solve the massive number of homicides in your inner cities by banning anything that makes loud noises or has pointy bits, I suggest this sign to be posted everywhere:


I found this image on a forum I frequent, but I cannot find the original thread. If it is your image or post, please leave a comment with a link so I can attribute it to you.


It should be simple enough that even the politicians who are above the law should be able to understand it. But given how some of them are, I sincerely doubt it.



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