Weekend Wishlist for the ninth of march

Time for more of the pruned down wishlist fun. This week, two of the top firearms on the wishlist are getting some limelight today. Please note these are modern rifles, not weapons old enough to have actually been under real limelight.

Luckily, there happens to be the website of a firearms book writer who has a very good section on these firearms.

That’s right, the SA80A2 IW and LSW.

The EM rifles they were based on weren’t bad at all. The original rifles are often used as examples of bad design by committee, or of poor design work, and things like that. And yes, the original SA80 series rifles were quite bad, and the A1 upgrade didn’t help enough.

Personally, I think having a bunch of people who know that they are getting laid off soon, and that these rifles are the last they will build before they are out of a job is a good cause. Honestly, if you pound nails into wood for a living, and you know your factory is closing forever tomorrow, how careful are you going to be on that last day?

Some of you said ‘not very.’

The A2 variant, however, just shows that a gun that was built badly can be given to a company that isn’t laying off workers soon, and you can fix the issues. The work done by H&K saved the SA80 from being useless, but it didn’t save the price. As it stands, when I last checked, the SA80 series are the most expensive military small arms anywhere. That is, if a government wanted to buy some, every other small arm is cheaper.

Hopefully you read the linked article in full. What H&K managed to do was take a poorly made rifle and upgrade it into one of the best in the world today, and that is impressive.

Even FPS Russia had a video of him shooting one that he claimed was the A2. Well, it had the round charging handle, and the A2 has a weirdly sculpted teardrop shaped handle. So, no, he didn’t shoot an A2.

What would I do with one?

I’d want to take an SA80A2 IW and mount the L123A2 grenade launcher to it, add a FeLvis with an Aimpoint Comp M4sto the rifle, and use a SpecterDR 1-4x sight on it. The Specter sights are interesting, they are both red dot and ballistic reticule. The SA80A2 has a strangely futuristic and unusual look, so I find that futuristic things like the FeLvis and unusual things like the Specter seem to fit with it.

All the SA80A2 LSW needs (or seems to be able to take) woudl be the SpecterDR 1-4x sight. No larger magazines or drum magazines seem to work on that firearm.

I like them because they are unusual and have been made no longer that bad, but as far as wanted firearms go, I have things I like much more, like the Bullpup PKP and the AN-94. The PKP has an entry already I believe, and I doubt the AN-94 needs an entry in the wishlist.

When I complete this series of things excuse for content, I will have a page with the wishlist in full added, in case you want to see what interests me. Scoff at it or agree with it, it helps people understand my tastes and makes it seem like the posts are written by a person.


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