My Friend said it best

Nice going, assholes. You just gave all gun owners a bad reputation with your actions, and now everyone will be lining up to tar and feather us.

Because of this.

I’m sorry, I thought firearms owners tended to say that the rapist is a criminal who deserves what they get in defense. They choose to commit a crime, they get what they deserve. The lowest of the low and all.

Sorry, when did it suddenly not become their fault? I thought conservatives thought criminals choose to commit crimes. Saying a man raping a woman has no responsibility is saying he’s a product of society and should be treated fairly, not as a criminal as has been previously stated.

To those involved in that, nice hypocrisy. Way to go. Now all the good people who own guns get to be judged by your stupid actions.

Naturally, viewers of that segment of Fox news sent her death threats and various racist insults. Although it was apparently on Sean Hannity’s program, and since I want to stereotype, I guess I shouldn’t expect much more form his dedicated viewers.

And death threats? Seriously? Can you sink any lower?

What happened to all those values of individual responsibility and protecting people and all that that you love so much? Thrown out the window apparently.

I’m at a loss for words. I delayed this post hoping to find something to say in my, to be honest, rage, but words still fail me.

To those that did so: congratulations on being massive hypocrites and absolutely terrible people. I sincerely hope I know none of you.


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