Weekend Wishlist for March 16 2013

I couldn’t think of a good intro for this. I wrote the initial sentence a couple dozen times and nothing really felt right.

So, just to get to the point, the wishlist for this time is: Google Glass, or Telepathy One, or EyeTap (or whatever it is called.)

Why? Well, one good reason is that it allows you to watch the watchers. Like in the UK, where cameras watch every person all the time, and your average person has no way they can always record the actions of the state or those who represent the state.

Things like those allow us to watch the watchers. To find law enforcement that abuse their power-and make it harder for them to bury evidence. For someone about to witness a car crash to record video for the police report, with as little witness bias as possible.

Sousveillance, as it is called.

And honestly, if you don’t fully trust those in power, short of an absolute rebellion, why not keep them in line by the fact that someone is watching them while they watch us?

If a government should fear its people, why just through a revolt? Shouldn’t there be the option for a government to fear its citizens because they watch and record its every action? Because its citizens now watch them?

Who will guard the guards? Why shouldn’t we guard the guards?

Some observations from Steve Mann:

Good drivers, professors, teachers, government officials, and police welcome sousveillance because it ensures their integrity
Bad drivers, professors, teachers, government officials, and police oppose sousveillance
Sousveillance is necessary to prevent crime, corruption, terrorism, etc.
Building sousveillance infrastructure into a government, a police force, military, or the like, will ensure integrity, and ensure that surveillance is balanced
Societies with surveillance only (e.g. no sousveillance) are unstable and tend toward totalitarianism (e.g. overthrow of government, or takeover, martial law, etc.)

We should watch the watchers. I know I want the balance of power swung in favor of the people. It isn’t so much as the item that allows it, but the fact that it is becoming more and more feasible. Although, to be fair, I’d have to get Lasik to be able to wear Glass at this point, and Telepathy One looks like it works with glasses.

And it isn’t just watching the watchers-for those who carry smartphones, it’s a nice visual interface to your phone that allows you to share everything you want to and hold conversations and such while your phone basically becomes a mobile hotspot for devices like Glass or those digital watches to connect to cell towers through. It’s the evolution of technology. It’s cool.


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