Weekend Wishlist for March 23

Let’s start getting to the fun stuff now. Not things like bullpup PKPs, SA80s, and pump shotguns.

Fun things high on the wishlist, like Browning M2s and anti-tank rifles.

So, for today, the wishlist item is…. a Browning M2, watercooled and on the M3 mount from WWII (aka The Great Patriotic War.)

AA MG mounts

Image is from antiaircraft.org and the M3 mount is the third one over. Full size image is on their website along with more information.

Click on that image to go to their simply amazing website.

I’m going to just say it’s a really cool mount for a really cool gun and leave it at that. Water cooled M2s aren’t that common compared to the HB version, and I like things that are a bit different.

Want more information? Click the image and it will take you to more information.

I use their image, I send you to them for the information.


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