Weekend Wishlist and a short news update

Well, the NRA ILA has sent out emails with some articles saying they ‘The NRA Supports California Litigation‘ and that ‘California: Three Anti-Gun Bills Pass in the Assembly Public Safety Committee’.

Well, for the first one, that honestly comes as a surprise to me. See, I was under the impression that the NRA was a group of people, not just a singular entity, and whenever I happen to mention I live in California, all I hear is ‘that state is a lost cause’ ‘we don’t bother with them anymore’ and ‘you should move.’ I wonder whatever made them decide to start caring about California again. Frankly, however, it’s really appreciated.

And on the latter headline my only comment is ‘you have no real reason to be surprised’ since something like that happening in this state isn’t exactly news. Nor will it be news when they pass those bills. It will be news when CalGuns, 2AF, and apparently now the NRA challenge them, since California won’t expect that.

Anyways, lets have some fun and not only avoid the topic of Connecticut, but let’s move on to the reasonably interesting wishlist.

I have no pictures of this one, since the main choices are models or drawings.

So, what is the special gun for today’s wishlist? None other than the 2A45M Sprut-B 125mm Anti-Tank gun. I’ve said it before, I like unusual guns, and anti-tank guns are unusual, since they tend to be ineffective against modern tanks. What else is really unique about the 2A45M is that it has a built-in engine so the gun can be moved around short enough distances under it’s own power, and who doesn’t want a gun that can move around without being mounted to a vehicle?

It has a maximum range of 12.2 Km, and can move 50 Km at 14 Km/h using it’s onboard engine.

And since I’m crazy, I’d want to attach a 1PN92 sight to it. Then I can drive my gun to one of those long distance shooting competitions and shoot stuff 12 Km away in the middle of the night. Yup, nothing wrong with that plan.


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