Which is worse?

Massive numbers of anti firearm rights legislation being rammed through in not just some states, but at the federal level. Worse will be if it passes.

And in tech news, the IRS has decided it gets to read your email without a warrant or cause, the FBI can wiretap without cause, and now a bunch of files disappear in the Guantanamo Bay case. Oh, and CISPA is getting amended in secret in the House-and privacy provisions have been removed from it.

Why? Despite the fact that the bill is only potentially eliminating every privacy protection ever, they say other countries may want to spy on the data or something.

National Security just became an excuse to remove any privacy laws you could expect, and in secret. And after what the current administration left in NDAA (don’t be missing fingers or storing more than a week’s worth of food) it seems to me they really have no issue stripping other rights and dignities away.

NDAA lets you be arrested and held without trial as a terrorist for those reasons. CISPA, as well as the current actions of the IRS and FBI means you will have no privacy apart from super secure encryptions, and even then…

I think I said the government should never be allowed to have a monopoly on power or it will be abused. The people SHOULD be intercepting government emails and carrying cameras in public to video members of government at all times.

After all, they are citizens of this country, and somoen has to keep an eye on them. Or do these laws apply to just us and not them?

Sorry for the rant there.


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